You have taken the first step on an incredibly important journey of improving the quality of your life.

Most people choose not to seek out guidance and support, which often leads to prolonged periods of struggle, stuckness and suffering. So, congratulations on seeking out the help that you deserve!

People seek out therapy for a variety of reasons. Whether you’re having a difficult time managing your anxiety, feeling like you’re in a rut, low self-confidence, struggling in a relationship, help with leaving an unfulfilling career, or fear of failing, the list goes on and on, and we’ve all been there.

When people first arrive in my office a common theme arises. It seems that a lot of people haven’t spent enough time or energy on themselves, especially when it comes to their emotions, physical body, and spirituality.

As your guide, I will help you get back to yourself, move forward in the areas where you feel stuck, and help you discover more of what you are capable of doing in this life.

Although I see many different types of people with a wide variety of issues, I also specialize in helping people in a number of areas.

Just to give you a sense, here are just a few examples of my specialties:

  • Anxiety Management – If your anxiety has gotten to the point where you are no longer able to enjoy your life, know that it is possible to learn how to manage your symptoms, and find peace. I have found that each person’s anxiety is different, and together we discover the strategies that make the most sense for you.
  • Career – Is your career not where you want it to be? Struggling with a difficult boss? Are negative co-workers impacting your work? I know this terrain well after working in the corporate world for 18 years.
  • Young Adults – This is often a very confusing and overwhelming time in a person’s life. It’s very common to compare yourself to other people your age and feel your career is not where it should be. In your twenties and thirties it’s also a time of figuring out who you are in relationships, which can bring up a lot about yourself and your past. And then of course, in today’s world social media is a whole other thing to navigate in your life.
  • Empty Nester – It is very normal to feel out of sorts and experiencing unease once your children leave the house. It is common to feel lost, and unsure about the future. You are in a major transition right now, and it’s often hard to figure out on your own how to navigate this. In our work together, you will have an opportunity to explore your feelings, and have an outlet to be seen and heard in a nonjudgmental accepting atmosphere. I also will help you move forward by setting a roadmap for this next phase of your life.
  • Relationships – I love helping people individually in their relationships, because I know how much is possible with the right guidance. Communication is a key ingredient to a healthy relationship, but we’re not taught how to do this effectively in our society. Even if healthy communication is established, I still often see many clients working through the possibility of separation or divorce.

Make sure to look through the services section of the website to learn more about who I work with and other specialities that you may need help around.

Deciding on a therapist can be a difficult decision. It is my belief that a major component of effective therapy lies in the relationship between the client and the therapist. I have an interactive style and try to create an atmosphere that is open and nonjudgmental, but also transformative and powerful.

It takes courage to begin the process of self-examination. Trust that you’re making the right decision. Just know that things can get better in your life once you find the courage to take the first step. I would be honored to connect with you more to see how I can help as you begin your journey.

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